Month: November 2015

Review: Justin And The Argonauts – ‘Orpheus’, by Anna Morell

  • Posted by Anna Morell
  • Folk
Justin And The Argonauts

A czardas is a Hungarian folk dance. The word is a corruption of the word for ‘tavern’ and Justin and the Argonauts’ debut album, ‘Orpheus’, is, in the main, a swaggering collection of kick-ass, classical, folk dance drinking songs perfectly suited to bars, taverns, hard liquor and harder dancing. A four-piece – tuba, guitar, accordion,…

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Gig review: Neil McSweeney and Vera Van Heeringen, by Anna Morell

Neil McSweeney and Vera Van Heeringen

Sometimes, someone comes along with songs that drill un-anaesthetised into your heart. Which is how I found myself shocked that I was sobbing my heart out, six feet away from Neil McSweeney last year on our wonderful neighbourhood lightship, LV21. Roberta Flack was right. Alone, McSweeney is a howling wolf of a man, his voice…

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