Interview with Inspirational Nite founder Lisa Vigour, by S M Jenkin

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Lisa Vigour talks to S M Jenkin about her Inspirational Nite, an Open Mic night that encourages the audience to be creative on the night.

Are you ready to be inspired?

The Inspirational Nite is an open mic with a difference – it’s the only night that encourages people to write or create something new on the night. It can be quite scary, especially for people who have not written before or have not performed in public. But founder Lisa Vigour provides everything for someone to try something new: the pens, paper and the prompts.

Inspirational Nite started running just over a year ago. Each Nite has a terrific mix of stories, poetry, music and attitudes. Some people approach it with the attitude of a quiz night and they will perform, others simply take in the good mixture of events.

Lisa says “Anyone can write from the heart, this is why I scatter the notepads around the venue. Some people surprise themselves that they can enjoy writing, and find it therapeutic and fun. It’s a way for people to express themselves which some people are too quick to dismiss. You don’t need to be a particularly creative person – everyone can create something”.

Why set up inspirational nite?

“I had been in bands before but life got in the way – I got fed up as I couldn’t see myself doing anything creative with my singing. A friend of mine brought me along to a poetry open mic at the Good Intent, and dragged me up to perform! The only thing I could think of doing was to sing one of my old songs acapella, and it went down well, so it got me thinking, why not start off my own night.

I started my first few open mic gigs, but the feedback I got was that the night was a little boring with focusing on poetry. So I started bring my own piano to add music to the night. It was the first time I performed as a musician rather than a vocalist, and more musicians started to attend. I started to include my art work to maybe spark off more ideas. The night is a mixture of everything; if you’re inspired, just do it!”

What are you most inspired by?

“I feel inspired by life experiences, anything and everything. People I speak to, even argue with. Things I read in the paper, these negative and positive experiences can be used to inspire and trigger my creativity”.

Who are the Inspirational Nites for?

“The Inspirational Nite is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see yourself as creative, it’s not just a creative night for creative people. There is something for everyone. If you want to be entertained or to take part, the evening is aimed at everyone who would like to try something new. The night is also to try and inspire some positivity and joy, and to share it in the world.”

When’s the next one?

“The next night is at the Good Intent pub in Rochester at 8.30pm on 29 October 2015. There is a Halloween theme, so it’s going to be a fun opportunity for anyone to come dressed up if they would like to.”

Lisa Vigour writes a blog, where you can find more news about Inspirational Nites.

Follow Lisa on Twitter: @LissieLou_V

Photograph by Vicki Lane