Launch: Pottery Crafts 4U at Nucleus Arts Chatham



Cards on the table, I love paint your own pottery studios. Where better to while away a couple of hours, find your ‘flow’ in something creative and wind up a few days later with a keepsake that will last for years, or a brilliant, original present hand-painted with love? I am fascinated by the alchemical change that happens to the unglazed colours between painting/dabbing/daubing them on with care and post-firing, when the finished piece is taken out of the kiln, and I know of no child who doesn’t enjoy the hands-on, easy-but-not-too-easy nature of it all.

It was with delight, therefore, that I learnt that ceramicist and former DT teacher Andrea Drage, one of the first artists to base herself at the original NAC, has returned to Nucleus Arts’ much expanded premises to launch Pottery Crafts 4U, a paint your own pottery and craft studio for children and adults alike.

Visiting today for its launch, I find the studio is light, bright and child-friendly. There is a good selection of bisques to choose from to suit all pockets and ages, including funny little meerkats, stripy worms, bowls, dog bowls (in the shape of a bone!), fantasy dragons, piggy banks and much more. There is a £4.50 Studio fee per visit, to cover materials and studio costs, and the bisques themselves are remarkably reasonable, ranging in price between £2-£40.
Future plans include children’s parties; decoupage; classes and more.

Currently there is an Eggcup Painting Competition running (eggcups only £1.50 + Studio fee) until Wednesday 8 April 2015.

You’ll find Pottery Crafts 4U at Studio 15B, round the side of Nucleus Arts, the entrance to which is opposite Iceland on Chatham High Street. Walk up the driveway towards the café, turn left and follow the path round.

Tel: 07910 529271

Nucleus Arts, 272 High Street, Chatham Kent ME4 4BP