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Review: Justin And The Argonauts – ‘Solace’, by Anna Morell

Justin and the Argonauts

A year ago, Justin and the Argonauts released their debut album, ‘Orpheus’. It was a bolt from the grey, a half-cut kraken of an album, flailing wildly as it rose out of the Medway Delta. Their second album, ‘Solace’, shows no signs that the classical gypsy folk beast the band has unleashed has calmed down….

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Review: Justin And The Argonauts – ‘Orpheus’, by Anna Morell

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Justin And The Argonauts

A czardas is a Hungarian folk dance. The word is a corruption of the word for ‘tavern’ and Justin and the Argonauts’ debut album, ‘Orpheus’, is, in the main, a swaggering collection of kick-ass, classical, folk dance drinking songs perfectly suited to bars, taverns, hard liquor and harder dancing. A four-piece – tuba, guitar, accordion,…

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