I used to read WOW magazine but can’t find it anymore. Is it still being printed?

Sadly, WOW’s founder and editor Emma Dewhurst took the decision to stop printing the magazine, after six years and 65 print editions, at the end of 2016. In spite of her and the team’s best efforts, and a successful crowdfunding campaign the previous year, the income from the magazine itself wasn’t sufficient to keep it going and support the small team necessary to make it.

Is this website a digital version of the magazine?

No. It would take just as much time to make a digital version of WOW as it did to make the print magazine. This site was always conceived as an arts website for Kent – and the beauty of it is that, unlike the magazine which had a specific geographical remit, the site covers the whole county. Anyone with arts-related content to share is welcome to submit that content to The Art Calendar or Classes & Workshops.

I have an event I’d like to share with WOW’s readers. How do I do this?

You can make a listing for it! Free and Premium listings are available for user submitted content. Simply go to the relevant page (The Arts Calendar or Classes & Workshops, depending on what type of event it is), register to make a Username and Password and then choose what type of listing you want to make.

In what other ways can content appear on the site?

The ‘Articles, News & Views’ section has room for a wide range of editorial content. We publish previews, reviews, interviews, news, competitions and more. Contact the Editor, Emma Dewhurst, with your idea at editor[at]wowkent.co.uk. Please bear in mind that Emma now works part-time on WOW, unlike the heady days of working on the magazine, when she worked on it 24/7!

I am looking for some help with a creative project/am offering something creative – how can I talk about this on your site?

Go to our ‘Find a Creative Partner’ page! You can post a short, text only notice under ‘Wanted’ or ‘Offered’ to let readers know what you are looking for.

Written March 2017.

Thank you.